Enabling Remote Assistance In Vista OS

Windows Vista was not as successful an operating system as Windows XP and it did not do well in the market as Microsoft expected. But, it did have some sophisticated changes when compared to the conventional looking XP. Despite some of its flaws, Vista did attract a good chunk of users and even today many years after its official release, Vista is still used by many and Microsoft still offers Windows help to Vista users.

Among the multiple Vista features, the simple procedure to access Remote Assistance is one of the most useful ones. If you come across some problem in your Vista machine and do not know what to do, you can request your tech-savvy friend ask his help in troubleshooting it for you by letting him access your system via Remote Assistance.  Here is how this can be done.


  • Turn on your Vista PC and navigate to the Start button.
  • Select All Programs from the dropdown list and choose the folder titled Maintenance from the resulting options.
  • Locate the Remote Assistance Application from the Maintenance folder.
  • Now, send an invitation to your friend to take remote assistance of your machine. To do this, press the link that says Invite someone you trust to help you. This will send invitation to your friend. You will need to specify how you want to send the invitation (via email or instant messenger). If you use the Outlook email client application, you can send the invitation directly. To send the invitation via a webmail service, you will need to attach the invitation to the email message. Make sure that the invitation is password protected.
  • After sending the invitation, you need to convey the password to your friend.
  • You may specify the extent of control you wish to grant to your friend while taking remote assistance of your machine. You can view what he does on your computer during the remote session. Once the Remote session is over, press the Cancel or Stop Sharing option to end it. Pressing the Esc key on the keyboard will terminate the remote session instantly.

You now know how to enable someone to take remote access of your Windows Vista machine. Contact the Windows Help desk online for any assistance regarding this.

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