Doing Date Calculations In Windows Calculator

Being able to calculate dates is something that a lot of people want. There’s no common device for this, and your normal calculator doesn’t have this feature. But if you happen to be using a Windows 7 PC, date calculation just got a whole lot easier. The native calculator application comes with this feature built in, because Windows 7 is that good. You don’t see many Windows help posts about useful stuff like this, because most people consider it trivial.

Go to the Windows start menu and type in calculator, and click on the first result that comes up. Go to View and choose Date Calculation. Alternately, use the Ctrl+E key combo. If you want to find the number of days, months, and years between two dates, such as the number of days you’ve lived, then go to the From field and enter the older date. This will have the current date before you enter something else.

The calendar dropdown is easy to operate, and it lets you zoom out and choose the year or the decade as well. You just need to click on the period title to pan out to a larger one. Now enter or select the other date for the To field. Or you can simply choose the Today option at the bottom of the calendar. Hit the Calculate button to get the time between these two dates. You can get this in the years, months, and days format. For example: 24 years, 8 months, 4 days.

Another thing you can do is find what date it is after a specific number of days have passed. For this, you can use the Add or subtract days to a specified date option. This one has a From field for the date you do know, and selection list with Add and Subtract options. Fill the former and pick one of the latter. Now enter the number of years, months, and days you wish to throw in or take out. Then hit the Calculate button. The result will be shown as a date, and what day of the week it falls on. For example: Saturday, 29th December, 2012.

Having a native application feature which lets you do this can be very useful at times. Read through other posts to find helpful Windows help tips and guidelines. Also find more on the Windows 7 calculator, and other programs.

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