Docker Containers Coming Soon To Windows Server

Recently Docker and Microsoft have teamed up to bring open platform support from Docker for many applications for a future release of Windows Server. Docker had only supported Linux until now, however the CEO to Docker, Ben Golub, informed Data Center Knowledge during the month of August that the support for Windows is in the making. Docker hub consists of an online repository of Docker images. This will also be incorporated into Microsoft Azure via the Azure Gallery and Azure Management Portal.

The open source runtime, which builds, executes and arranges Docker containers, the Docker Engines, will work with the forthcoming release of Windows Server, the company said. This is an open source engine, which automates the use of any application as a self sufficient, portable container that can be executed almost everywhere. They can run over cloud and in data centers. Windows help for the same will be included.

Many organizations, developers and tech giants are very much interested in Docker, and they wish that their offering would be compatible with the current system they use. Some of the techs giants that have brought Docker to enterprise are Google, Pivotal and VMware. Few months back it incorporated Kubernetes into Azure cloud, to improve enhancements to their cloud services. Docker Engine Images from the Docker Hub will be available for Windows Server, which is a repository and community consisting of over 45,000 Docker applications.

Docker Hub’s integration with Azure will let the ecosystem of Microsoft to work independently with Software Vendors. This will also let cloud developers to access Docker community’s work, to innovate furthermore on both Linux and Windows Server. Solomon Hykes, CTO and founder of Docker, said that the upper hand of Windows Server in enterprise includes into Docker project the cutoff point for the Docker ecosystem and the community. With the common user interface along with a common approach with disseminated applications and containerization, it will accelerate a new wave of applications that can be transformed in different organizations.

Moreover, Microsoft is also contributing to open orchestration APIs from Docker to aid in ensuring portability to support multi-container applications. In order to create Dockerized multi-container applications, developers are working directly with Docker Engine pre-configured in Azure.

The strength of Windows Server leveraging along with Azure would redefine the Docker platform of what enterprise should demand and expect from cloud services. Golub said that they would work together to provide a framework to support applications that can be created with extraordinary velocity. Windows help for these applications is available in the official support page.

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