Disable The Automatic Launch Of Help Feature In Windows

The Windows explorer helps you browse the files and folders that are segregated over your entire length of storage drives. The navigation often gets slow if the major part of the storage space is occupied and even if the files are large and complicated. Moreover, if you accidently press the F1 key, the Windows help feature will be simultaneously initiated and the system may take much time to recover. This dilemma often ends up with an agitated user and a corrupted system file. The automatic launch of the help feature can be disabled to enjoy uninterrupted navigation of your folders and files. The instructions to disable the help popup are provided in the next part of the article.

Guidelines to disable F1 key Help feature

  • Press the Windows key and hold on to the R key to open the Run command box. Enter regedit into the given field and select Enter to launch the editor for your Windows registry.
  • In the registry editor, you will be provided with the list of folders displayed in a pane. Click on the sign provided in the list. The folder will be listed with the list of sub folders under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Under the SOFTWARE folder, you will be listed with Microsoft and Windows. Choose the App Paths from the Current version folder.
  • Under the App Paths folder, select the HELPCTR.EXE file by right clicking on it and choose the Export option.
  • In the navigation box, access your desktop and enter your filename as Help Centre Backup and click on the Save buttonThe HELPCTR.EXE file would be highlighted in the registry editor.
  • Choose the Default option from the registry editor window and verify the details provided in the Value Data section.
  • Make sure that the filename provided under the Value Data section does not match any already existing file. Rename the filename appropriately and select the OK button to close the registry.
  • Now you can make certain that the pressing of the F1 key does not launch the help option.
  • All the changes you have made can be reverted to the earlier settings by accessing the HELPCTR.EXE file that you have saved in the desktop.

You will no longer experience the automatic launch of Windows help feature when the F1 key is pressed. The system files can be accessed without the interruption of the help popup even if you accidently press on the F1 key.

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