Desktop icons in Windows 7 Operating System

Before launching Windows operating system into the computer market, Microsoft experts promised that the windows 7 operating system will assure a smooth user interface. The fact is,  they kept their word and the new features of windows 7 are mind blowing.

In windows 7, the desktop settings feature can help you create shortcut icons for all applications that are installed on your machine. This makes the launching of particular application, an easy task. There are situations where you may accidently delete the desktop icons by pressing the delete button. On the other hand,  different virus actions makes the shortcut file cracked.But relax folks, there is no need to panic! By following simple techniques, you can easily restore the desktop icons in a windows 7 computer.

Hope the below instructions from the windows Help team will guide you restore the misplaced or deleted desktop icons in windows 7 operating system.


  • To call up all programs option, click start button which is located on the left bottom corner of your windows 7 desktop screen. This will displays all the installed programs in your computer system.
  • Now find out the program from the list for which you wish to create the shortcut. Let’s consider the case of creating short icon for MS PowerPoint. For this, select Microsoft Office folder from the All Programs list and select MS PowerPoint from the drop down MS office menu.
  • Once you select the program, right click on it to display the options.
  • From the options, select Send To option followed by clicking sent to desktop option. Sometimes you may see the Create shortcut option within the options list. In such cases, create a desktop icon by simply clicking on it.

Default Windows settings

If you want to restore all the default settings in windows 7 operating system, read on…

  • Go to start button and then navigate to control panel option.
  • Open control panel window by clicking on the control panel option. Select Appearance and Personalization and then choose personalization.
  • Now you can see a change desktop icon option on the left side of the window.
  • From the desktop icon option, select restore default option to restore all the default icons in windows 7 operating system.

That’s all the instructions from the windows Help team to restore misplaced or deleted desktop icons in windows 7 operating system. Thank you and have a great time!

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