Check Out The Newly Updated Modern.IE Website From Microsoft

Microsoft has introduced some very significant changes to their ‘’ website. If you are not already familiar with the website, it is a kind of Windows help website for web designers and software developers. The main aim of the web site is to help these designers especially those who are trying to improve or add applications to the Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser application.

A website for the developers

The latest Internet Explorer 10 is compatible with the standard coding languages like HTML5 or CSS3 used by most of the web developers. In other words, the compatibility problem when it comes to a website designed for Internet Explorer 8 or 7 should not occur when a user tries to access the same web page using the latest Internet Explorer 10 – theoretically speaking.

However, in reality the website designers and web app developers have to come up with newer updated versions of their programs, constantly. This requires them to make changes to the coding in order to meet the changed functionalities of the new Internet Explorer.

When you go to the website, the first thing you see will be the search box where you can enter the web URL of your website. When you type in the web URL and press the ‘Scan’ button, the HTML coding for your website will be scanned for any anomalies. This is a big help to the web designers to identify the errors or the incompatible parts of their coding so that they can make modifications.

This is why I referred to the website as a kind of Windows help or support website for the developers, in the beginning of this article. In fact, there was a demand for a virtual environment, which the developers can download and install in their systems to be used during the development stages of their webpage or web applications.

The benefits of such a virtual environment are many. The developers can check for the vulnerabilities even before they launch the website online. Having the virtual environment kit installed in your system gives them many more tools with which they can improve the performance of their final product.  This is one of the new features, you will find on the website.

The website aims to help you design your website function smoothly across different browsers, accessed from different types of devices. It also helps you take care of the compatibility issues and to make the best of the new features that gets added to the latest versions of the Internet Explorer browsers.

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