Blocking Windows Firewall Ports

A dedicated connection location assigned to a telecommunication software is called a Port. These ports are used to control network traffic for handling performance and security. The port regulation is commonly done via Quality of Service or QoS while the blocking of the ports is done through the firewall. With the help of the Windows firewall software, it is possible to allow or not allow applications by their name or their port number.

When you block a port through the Windows firewall, it will block network communication that tries to bind to an application. With the help of advanced settings, you will be able to block specific ports. There is a detailed explanation of the same in the Windows help site.


  • In order to open the Windows Run box, press the combination of keys – Windows + R. This will open a small dialogue box to the lower left corner of the screen near the Start Menu.
  • In the space provided, type firewall.cpl in the Run box and press the Enter key on the keyboard or click on Ok. This will load the Windows Firewall Component.
  • To the left pane, you would find Advanced SettingsClick on that. This would open up a window named Windows Firewall With Advanced Security.
  • In case you want to block an inbound connection, click on Inbound rules. Moreover, you can click on Outbound rules if you want to block a connection leaving the computer. You can also block both inbound and outbound if necessary.
  • By selecting New Rule from the Right Click menu, you will be able to open a New Rule window.
  • Select the Port and then click on the Next button, which is present at the bottom.
  • In the Specific Local Ports field, type in the Port Number, after which you can click on either Tcp or Udp in order to block the selected type of connection. In case you are planning to block, create a rule and select the Next button.
  • Click on Block The Connection, and then click on Next twice when prompted.
  • Type a name in the space provided in the Name Box for the new rule created. To create the rule, click on Finish.

The above steps are the basic steps to block and unblock ports. In case you need further Windows help, contact our tech support desk.

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