Better IM & Video Chat Experience Guaranteed With Skype 7 For Windows

There have been a lot of complaints from Skype users on Windows. The major blame the previous Skype version for Windows bore was that it consumed a large amount of the screen space. Well, according to Windows help desk, the latest Skype version, Skype 7, consumes less screen space. Furthermore, it offers better video-chatting and instant messaging experience with its brand new features.

Skype 7 features

The brand new features that Microsoft added to the latest Skype version are discussed below.

Better touch-friendly UI

Skype 7 is touch screen friendly. It has an improved user interface that enables it to offer better experience during instant messaging and video-chatting.

Compact mode

‘Skype is eating up the screen space’ was a frequent complaint that users of older Skype versions raised. Well, Microsoft is determined to shut the mouth of such complainants. Skype 7 is integrated with compact mode. Launching Skype 7 in compact mode, you can make sure that the application is not eating up your screen space. Currently, the compact mode is in the developing stage. The feature will have its completed form in the final version of Skype 7, which is slated for release shortly.

How to upgrade to Skype 7?

The Skype 7 upgrade is made available for free. If you are using an older version of Skype on your PC, work out the following steps to upgrade to the latest Skype version (Skype 7).

  • Launch Skype by double-clicking the Skype shortcut icon you have created on your desktop. If you don’t have a Skype shortcut menu, go to the Start button and choose All Programs followed by Skype from the resulting menu.
  • When the application is launched, go to the View option. You can find the option to upgrade your Skype version there. There is yet another method.
  • Go to the Tools menu and select Options followed by IM Settings options.

If you are accessing Skype from a touch screen device, there are better options to adjust the screen size or customize the application. The Skype 7’s touch screen interface lets you slide a screen around the alternative window without using a mouse given that you have kept a webpage open on the desktop screen.

Ever since the acquisition of Skype, Microsoft has been rolling out new features and frequent updates to the application. According to a recent update in Windows help page, the tech giant is trying to make Skype world’s number one instant messaging application by offering extensive support for the application.

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