Adding Fonts To Microsoft Word In Windows 7

MS Word (Microsoft Word) is the word processing application included in Microsoft Office suite. According to Windows tech support, Word has the most number of users than other applications in the Office suite. Folks from every walk of life, say students, employees, researchers and professionals, use Word for various purposes. Word has undergone numerous changes over the years. Many of its features have been streamlined in the latest versions.

One of the user-friendly features with the latest versions of Word is its ability to add new fonts. The steps for this can be different depending on the Windows version you are using. If you have Windows 7 installed in your PC, you first need to add the new font to the Font folder of Windows 7, as the default fonts of Word in Windows 7 are stored in the central Fonts folder of the operating system. Working out the following steps, you can add your favourite fonts to Word in Windows 7. If you are looking for real-time assistance, feel free to contact Windows tech support.


  • Close Word if it is running.
  • Navigate to the Start button on your desktop and choose Control Panel from the menu.
  • In the Control Panel window, locate the search box and enter “fonts” without the quotation marks. It is located at the top right end of the screen. Hit the Enter button to proceed.
  • After that, locate and select the link that says View installed fonts. You can see the link beneath the Fonts caption under the search results. Windows will display the list of all installed fonts in your PC.
  • Now, minimize this window and open the folder that contains the new font you want to add to Microsoft Word.
  • Right-click the font and select Copy from the dropdown menu.
  • Now, go to the Fonts folder in Control Panel and paste the font you copied from the folder in the previous step.
  • Instead of copying the font from one folder and then pasting it to other folder, you can simply drag it and place it in the desired folder.

The above instructions must have helped you in adding a new font to Microsoft Word in your Windows 7 PC. Restart your computer after adding the font to let the changes take effect. To start using the new font, launch Microsoft Word, select the tab titled Home and choose the option titled Theme fonts. In case of any concerns in the process, feel free to contact Windows tech support for apt assistance.

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