A Frustrated Windows User Redesigns The Windows 8 OS

Many Windows users were indeed surprised to see the new Metro UI in the Windows 8 OS. Most of them did not see it as an improvement on the Desktop UI in Windows 7. In addition, Microsoft decided to remove the Start menu from the screen in order to make all the different Windows 8 operating systems – Windows Phone 8 OS, Windows 8 RT OS and Windows 8 – look the same.

These changes actually became the Windows 8 problems for the users. Thus, the new design of the Windows 8 OS made it less user-friendly, and many users continued with Windows 7, Windows Vista and even the very old Windows XP OS.

One Windows user decided to fix the Windows 8 problems

One Windows 8 OS user has decided to take matters in to his own hands and fix all the issues with the Windows 8 OS just so that he can use his favourite Windows OS. Jay Machalani prefers to stick to the latest Windows 8 OS rather than switching to Apple or Linux operating systems.

But, what about the Windows 8 problems, you would ask? This brilliant twenty year old is confident that given a few months time he would be able to fix the issues in the new Microsoft operating system and make it more user-friendly.

His indeed has a well sketched out plan in mind on how to go about improving the Windows 8 OS. Most of it is described in detail on his webpage. It is clearly a work in progress.

Microsoft releases the Windows 8.1 update

Since then, Microsoft has released the Windows 8.1 update bringing back the Start menu and making many other changes to the latest Microsoft operating system. Were they paying attention to the Jay Machalani project or just the many complaints they have been receiving from the Windows 8 users in the last few months?

However, the Windows 8.1 OS still falls short of many users’ expectations and Jay Machalani is one of them. He would continue to tweak his favourite operating to make it more user-friendly.

The project is titled Windows 8.2 and I do not know whether it would be available for download online – Microsoft might have something to say about that. Perhaps, Microsoft could get some useful inputs from the Jay Machalani version of Windows 8, and release a new Windows 8.2 update.

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