Microsoft Releases Major Update For Windows Phone 8

Even critics would admit the monopoly that Microsoft enjoys when it comes to desktop operating systems. Microsoft’s Windows operating system, with its extensive Windows help options, have long been influential among desktop users. The significant number of users for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 even after the release of the latest Windows 8 operating system is the right example for this.

However, the tech giant has realized the changing trend that the current market is experiencing. It seems that people are not much interested in traditional desktop devices and laptops. Mobile computing devices like tablets are a major attraction for people today. Realizing this trend, the tech giant has made a historical step to venture into the genre of mobile operating systems.

Windows Phone operating system

Although Microsoft was quite influential and successful with its Windows operating systems for desktops and laptops, it cannot expect the same with its Windows Phone operating system. It has to be very innovative and influential to compete with its major rivals such as iOS and Android, the prominent operating systems for mobile devices.

Windows Phone 8 update

Windows running mobile devices are not new in the market. They have been in the market for the last couple of years. However, it was only recently that Microsoft made an entry into mobile computing devices with comparatively bigger screens and higher resolution. Windows Phone 8 operating systems for such phablets will be with at least 5-inch and 6-inch screens with 1080p HD resolution.

This new update to Windows Phone operating system has opened wide doors of opportunities for Microsoft’s hardware partners who want to make a successful entry into the smartphone genre. Sources from Microsoft claimed that the update could make maximum use of the latest faster quad-core processors featuring the latest Windows 8 Phones.

The recent Windows Phone 8 update would also feature a number of changes in the interface and the display properties. Users can expect more live tiles. Microsoft has incorporated a third column of tiles for the larger screen mobile devices. It is the third major update to the operating system since the launch of Windows Phone 8, which took place almost a year ago.

Another laudable feature you can see in the new Windows Phone 8 update is the incorporation of the Driving Mode. The Redmond based company claims that this would facilitate safe driving. Microsoft is planning to add more Windows help options on Windows Phone 8 to allure users.

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