Windows Phone Activation Code for Signing in With Windows Live ID

The first thing that you see when you sign in your Windows Live ID on your Windows Phone is the following message that prompts you to enter an activation code:

“There was a problem setting up your Windows Live ID on the phone, and we need an activation code to finish setup. You can call customer service to get the code, then, enter it here. If you tap Skip, we’ll let you know the next time you do something that requires activation, so you can call then.”

This is because every Windows Phone is created with an activation code as part of the manufacturing process. Indeed, there are cases when you need to enter a new activation code for signing in with your Windows Live ID and this is the main reason why you are asked to enter a new activation code while you try to sign in for the first time using your Windows Live ID.

New Activation Code

According to our Windows Live help team, you will have to contact the Microsoft Customer Service teams for getting a Windows Phone activation code. Customers in the U.S. can get in touch with the Microsoft Customer Service by dialing 1-800-642-7676. Information regarding contact number for other locations can be can be found by visiting

Please not that you will have to write down this activation code somewhere safe as you would need it to reset your phone back to factory settings and you will have to use this activation code in the Activate Windows Live screen. Also, it’s important that you don’t hare this activation code with anyone as doing so will result in your new code not working.

Returning to Activate Windows Live Screen

When you use a Windows Phone feature the nest time, you will need to enter your new activation code as these features requires you to sign in with your Windows Live ID, for instance, playing a game on Xbox Live, or while downloading an app from Marketplace, or even while adding a Windows Live email account. In all these situations, you will receive a Windows Live sign in screen, and you’ll be prompted to enter your new activation code. So, it’s important that you take a note of your activation code so that you don’t mess things up in such situations.

So, that was some information about activation code that is required for Windows Phones. For any further assistance on this, please get in touch with our Windows Live Help. Hope that you found this post informative and useful. Ciao!

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