Registering a Mobile Number with Window Live Messenger

In this age of the internet and enhanced and telecommunication, you always find the need to be remain connected, very important indeed. Every message left unattended or not responded will leave you annoyed. So it is only apt that you have the right technology to facilitate that constant connect you so desperately need. This can be all done by rightly registering your mobile with the Windows Live Messenger, given that you use Windows Live messenger regularly. Registering your mobile phone on Windows Live Messenger grants your mobile the facility of receiving text messages on your phone from the chat program. For instance imagine a situation when you are not online and someone texts you through Windows Live Messenger, in that very instant on realizing that you are not online the application will forward that very SMS to your mobile. Added to that, it also allows for text messages for updates from your Windows Live Messenger contacts list. Remember to have your mobile phone nearby when registering your number in Windows Live Messenger. Here are some instructions from the Windows Live Help to guide you along the registration process.


  • Click “Start” on your computer and then click “All Programs.” Click “Windows Live Messenger” to open the application.
  • Sign into your account using your Windows Live ID and password.
  • Click your name in the display window and select “More Options.”
  • Click “Mobile Phone” in the side panel and then click “Edit Settings.”
  • Click “Options” and select “Windows Live” from the “Show Options For” panel. Scroll down and click “Settings” under “SMS.”
  • Enter your 10-digit mobile phone number to receive a verification code on your mobile phone. Check the “Terms and Conditions” box and then click “Next.”
  • Open the text message on your mobile phone and view the verification code. Enter the code in the indicated field on the computer screen. Click “Next.”
  • Check the “Messenger-Social Updates” box and click “Save” to complete the registration of your mobile number with Windows Live Messenger

Thus, following these instructions from Windows Live help will have you successfully registered on the Windows Live Messenger. Now you can stay in touch with everybody in your Windows Live Messenger contact list on the go. Finally, you will have found the means to not annoy your friends in your contact list by not responding to their messages.

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