Windows XP support for restoring the restore folder

Windows XP is a popular operating system developed by Microsoft. It has an automated process which will save the settings from the registry. This restore folder includes various snapshots of the machine, which can be used to recover settings/data in the event of a software corruption or hard drive failure. The major drawback of this is that these saved files can consume hundreds of megabytes of hard disk space. So it is important to delete old restore backups in order to free up hard drive space. The restore folder is hidden by default, so to delete it, you need to make it visible first and then delete it. In this article you can find instructions for doing the same.

Windows XP support instructions

For deleting the restore folder, all you have to do is to follow the instructions mentioned below.

  1. Start off with this procedure by double click on the icon titled “My Computer” located in your desktop. This will open up the Windows Explorer screen.
  2. Click on the option which says “Tools” from the main menu.
  3. Select the option labeled “Folder options” from the tools menu.
  4. Go to the tab titled “View”.
  5. Here you will be able to various options for the Windows Explorer interface. Mark the check box which says “Show Hidden Files and Folders” and hit the “Ok” button. Unmark the check box which says “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”. This will make the restore folder and its contents visible.
  6. Continue with this procedure by double clicking on the icon titled “My Computer’ once again.
  7. Double click on the main hard drive of your computer usually indicated by the letter “C”.
  8. Locate and double click on the folder titled “System and Volume Information”.
  9. Locate and double click on the “_Restore” folder. This folder contains all your Windows XP backups. It is possible to delete all of them or only the old one which are eating up your hard disk space. The files are titled with the date of their creation, so it will be easier for you to identify those which are no longer useful.

That’s all with the instructions for deleting the restore folder in Windows XP. Have a nice day!

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