Windows Help with troubleshooting issues with Windows XP Updates

Microsoft, as you may already know, releases frequent updates for all its versions of Windows operating system to fix possible security loopholes or resolve problems with software depending on its types.

Windows Help explains the issue

Now the aim of this article is to suggest that such updates may not always download or install correctly.

For they can even result in unintended conflicts with some of the programs and applications already installed on your computer.

The solution1

And so to counter such instances, Windows XP features an option that allows you to display and show a list of updates that were properly installed and ones that were not on your computer.

You can then easily separate all the faulty and conflicting updates from the rest and have them properly reinstalled back onto your computer.

Here’s how you can do that.

Troubleshooting Windows XP Update issues

To begin with the help procedure, you first need to open up the Windows XP “Start” menu and then navigate to “All Programs” so as to select the “Windows Update” option.

Once you have done so, select the “Review your Update History” link and then scroll down through the list of updates while checking for a red “X” icon in the “Status” column.

Windows Help then suggests you note down the name of the update (or updates) that didn’t install correctly.

Now return back to your “Start” menu and choose “Run”.

Then type “appwiz.cpl” into the available text box followed by clicking on the checkbox labeled as “Show Updates”.

Next up, scroll down to the Windows XP update that you noted down earlier and hit on the name of the same entry and then “Remove”.

Now finally, return to your Windows Update window, select “Check for Updates” and then “Download Updates” to install the same again.

So after completing these steps from Windows Help, you can close all windows and restart your Windows XP system without any more issues.

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