Windows help with opening Outlook Express in Windows XP

Microsoft Outlook Express first came with Microsoft Office 2003for Windows XP as a compact and simplified version of Microsoft Outlook email program. Outlook Express email client was bundled with Windows XP as a base feature in it so that you don’t need to purchase it to use it or install it on your computer. However, you may want some assistance for finding and opening the Outlook Express program if you want to use it. The feature may be disabled or turned off if you are having any trouble finding it. In such cases, you can easily add it back. Carefully follow the Windows help instructions given below to open the Outlook Express on your Windows XP computer.

Windows help instructions for opening the Outlook Express 

  • First of all, if you have opened any windows on your computer minimize them or close them. And from the left-side of the Windows XP taskbar, Click Start.
  • From the Start menu list, select All Programs.
  • Scroll down to locate Outlook Express and then click on it to open it.

Windows help instructions to solve Outlook Express missing issue

  • Select Start from the bottom left corner of your computer screen and open Control Panel.
  • Go to the option “Add or Remove Windows Components”.
  • In the window that appear which lists the programs installed on your computer, locate the “Outlook Express”. To select it, place a check mark next to it. Then click “OK” and to install the program on your system, just follow the prompts appearing on the screen.

Certain times, without realizing that the Outlook Express is bundled in the operating system, users try to download and install it again. But it may be actually that the program is not viewable, or disabled from appearing on your system. You can simply find it from ‘All programs’ list. This will be all the information you will need to find the Outlook Express program on your system. If these steps do not help you, you will have to get support from the Windows support team to get the issue solved. Solve it with the techies at the support center and you will then be able to use Outlook Express normally without any issue.

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