Windows help to prevent automatic opening of Windows Media Player

“Objects keep on doing what they are doing!” That’s supposed to be a famous law. It can be considered true with our computers and programs too. Companies manufacturing gadgets or electronic equipments always set some default actions on how it should perform on starting up until these settings are altered. For instance, Windows Media Player is the default program for playing your CDs and DVDs. With Windows help, you can stop the Windows Media Player from opening automatically by changing your default program. You can then open the Media Player of your choice.

There are certain instructions given in the Windows help document to change your default media player suggested by some Windows help experts.

Instructions to change the default Media Player

The procedure given by the Windows help team to carry out the task is so simple and easy to follow. The Windows help team always keep their guidelines compact and brief so that the users can conveniently follow it.

  • To start off with the Windows help procedure, turn on your computer. Go to Start->My Computer.
  • Right click “CD-ROM Drive” or “DVD-ROM Drive”. One or both of these choices are available, depending on the make and model of your computer and the features it comes with. Windows help team reminds you that each version of Windows is different.
  • Choose “Properties” from the drop down list.
  • Select “Auto play”. Look at “Actions” under the “Music Files”. Press the radio button that says “Select an action to perform”. Now the Windows help team instructs to highlight the words “Take No Action”. Click “Apply” and “OK”. Windows Media Player can’t open automatically now.
  • You can also restore the settings by following the above steps and in “Auto Play”, choose “Restore Defaults”.

With these steps, you can choose the Media Player of your choice, not the manufacturing company’s.

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