Windows help to fix Windows XP Reboot loop

You have some important works to complete before the seminar next hour on you laptop or computer. You have got hardly 30 minutes to do it and you are valuing time right now as you valued it never before. In the hurry, you switch on your system, and you can’t just sit ideal until it loads, that you keep uttering, “Come on, Come on…” The Desktop appears before you, the icons on your desktop begins to load one by one making you feel your system was never before this slow. You wait patiently to see the fully loaded screen once and take a fleet with your works. The last icons started loading successfully, when you were struck with a sudden shut down! The situation is just giving you the most of annoyance! You don’t know the reason, neither you were doing anything on the system; it just went off for no reason. Then it restarts and as the desktop begins to load, you found it gets shutdown again. If you are waiting for receiving some boons that can make your PC work right again, then just forget your seminar; because, this issue will continue unless you decide to troubleshoot it at the earliest.

Here’s how the Windows help team advice you to carry out the troubleshooting procedure in case you encounter recurring reboots on your system.

Windows help instructions to fix Windows XP Reboot loop

  • Observe carefully when your computer reboots and starts up. From the “Startup Options” list, select “Recovery Console“.
  • If “Recovery Console” is not listed in “Startup Options“, install the Windows XP disk into the drive. Then restart your computer. Just follow the on screen prompts and select “Recover” or “repair”.
  • Logging into the administrator account in your computer needs the administrator password. Type the administrator password. On the other hand if there is only one user on the computer, enter that user password.
  • When the command prompt appears, Type “cd system32” without quotes and press “enter” key from the keyboard. Again, type “ren kernel32.dll kernel32.old” and press “Enter“. Then type “map” and press “Enter” key.
  • Type “expand d:\i386\kernel32.dl_” and press “Enter.” If you inserted the CD into any drive other than “D:” replace “D:” with proper drive letter.
  • Type “Exit” and hit the “Enter” key. The computer will shut down and reboot once.

These Windows help instructions will resolve the recurring reboot issue.

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