Windows help to enable Net Help in Windows Vista

Your computer began giving a bunch of error bombs suddenly and you can’t find any way to resolve them. Still worse, the friend who used to always help you with your computer woes is currently out of station. Also all the computer repair shops down your street must have closed when you urgently needed help. Well, I guess Murphy’s Law works after all (check Wikipedia for more information!).

What would you probably do in this situation? Break down your computer out of frustration?

Well don’t, there is a way!

Don’t you know that if you can’t manage to bring your friend or anyone who can help you with computer issues, you can choose to troubleshoot the computer over the internet with an efficient techie in any corner of the world?

Yes, it’s possible, and this is called Remote Assistance. Through this feature, any person that you want to assist you can take control of your system without being physically near to your system. This is possible through the internet. You shouldn’t do anything on your computer other than enabling this feature and requesting for help from a person you trust, who then takes control of your system. Let’s see the Windows help guidelines to enable this feature in Vista.

Windows help instructions to enable Net Help for Vista

  • Click Windows “Start” button-> “All Programs”->”Maintenance”->”Windows Remote Assistance”.
  • Select the option “Invite someone you trust to help you”. You shall be prompted to enable the assistance application.
  • Click on the link “Open the remote tab in system properties“, which will open a window for your remote desktop configurations. Click “Allow remote assistance connections to this computer” and to save the settings, press “OK”.
  • Click on the option named “Send an email invitation.” You will be prompted to set a user password. Provide the password and then click “Next” button. The assistance application will then open your email client with a pre-filled letter requesting assistance.
  • Enter the email address of the user that you are inviting to help you and click on “Send”. The invitation will be then sent to your friend and when he opens it, he can take control of your PC by providing the earlier set password.

This is how the Windows help team advice you to set up the Remote Assistance feature. It’s so easy, right? All thanks to the help team.

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