Windows Help to Customize Appearance Settings

Windows Help to Customize Appearance

Color, pictures, photos; who doesn’t like all this? Who doesn’t want to unleash the child within them and play with color and the like? It is for you, grown up lil’ boys and girls, that Outlook has its many appearance settings. Does it sound appealing? Here are some Windows help tips to get you going.

Wanna set a wallpaper that will tell the world what you are all about? Just click any empty space on your desktop, go to Personalize, then Desktop background. Now you choose the desktop picture of your choice and apply it. It’s as simple as that. Windows help at your service. You can also select multiple pictures for your wallpaper. Just set how frequently you want the pictures to change and you are ready to go; don’t forget to save the changes. You don’t need Windows help to tell you that.

Windows help for theme and color

You can also customize the Windows theme. Just go to Personalize and choose a custom theme. There are many themes that you can choose from. You can also change your display resolution. Use the menu under Resolution to change the pixel height and width of your monitor. Way to Windows help yourself.

Red, blue, green, black- the next Windows help stop is Window color. You can find it in Personalize. The best part is that you play with the color, choose the default color or even make your own color. Use these Windows help tips to unleash the child inside you. Apply it and enjoy your own color. You can also customize your desktop icons; just click on ‘Change icon’ in Personalize. You can either choose from the default icons or download cooler icons from the net.

Windows help yourself!

Bored with that arrow pointing things on your screen? Change it. Change mouse pointer in Personalize lets you do just that. You can also change your account picture. Choose from the list of pictures or browse and get more interesting pictures. What’s the next thing on the list? Taskbar? No problem. You can customize your taskbar and sidebar as well. What more do you need? Way to Windows help yourself!

Customize your computer’s appearance in and out and have a fun computer experience.

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