Windows help to create and save a Text file in Windows computer

A text file can be used for different tasks in Windows computer. For instance you can use the text file to keep your notes in, or you can even use them as address books. These files can be arranged on the desktop where there can be accessed easily or stored in “My Documents”. For certain functions to work properly, the text files in these programs require to be modified. There are several other functions for the text files that you might know and use often in your computer.

For those who still haven’t used the text files to do some useful woks out of it, here are some guidelines to create and save a text file in Windows. Intently follow these instructions to start using Text files in your Windows computer.

Windows help instructions to create and save a Text file in Windows computer

  • On any blank spot on the computer, right click or in folders such as “My Documents”, scroll down to the option labeled “New” when the option box appears (It will be a red box with arrow in caption).
  • When the new choice box(red box with arrow in caption) appears, Scroll down to the “Text Document” option and right click on it.
  • By typing in the blue space, name your new text document when the file appears and hit “enter” from the keyboard.
  • Place text in the file either by typing directly on to it or by copy-pasting.
  • Go to the “File” menu which is a red circle in the upper left corner and scroll down to spot the “Save” option. Right click on the “save” option. As an alternative, you can also press “Ctrl” key and “S” key at the same time on your keyboard.

That is how the Windows help team says to create a text file and save the text file. There are other options like Edit, format, view, help etc in the text document. To get help on certain function given in the Text file, you can also select the “Help” option and select a topic of interest given there to get assistance on how to use that function. That’s all the Windows help you will need to create and save text files. Thank you for your time and have a great day!

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