Windows help to check Windows Display settings

The display settings in your Windows can be changed to adjust your Windows computer to your convenience. For instance, if you are not happy with the color range, brightness of the screen, or screen resolutions, you have options to adjust these according to your taste and convenience. Here’s how you can adjust the desktop background, color or screen resolutions of your Windows display.

Windows help to adjust Windows Display settings

  • On any free space on your desktop, right click and the options that appear in the menu, click “Personalize”. If you are a Windows XP user, click on “start” button at the bottom left corner of the screen, then go to “Control Panel” option and select “Display” option. The general appearance settings links will be now listed in front of you, which include “Desktop Background,” “Window Color,” and “Theme.” These options listed will allow you to adjust the way your programs are displayed as controlled by the operating system.
  • To check and edit the options that refers to your graphics card and monitor, Click “Display Settings“.
  • To see what monitor is connected to your computer, and which is set as the default, Click on the drop-down menu labeled “Display“.
  • To check what resolution is set for your computer, click the drop-down menu, “Resolution“. The “Recommended” option will be enabled by default. However, you have the option to change it if you want to. More visual space on your screen will be possible with a larger resolution. To switch to “Portrait” computing Click the “Orientation” drop-down menu if you wish to.
  • To load settings about your graphics card and monitor refresh rates, you should click the “Advanced Settings” option. The information about your graphics card and display modes it is capable of is contained in the “Adapter” tab. The information about your monitor will be contained in the “Monitor” tab. The Windows help team also reminds that the option named “Color Management” lets you to adjust the color settings of your PC if you are not comfortable with colors of your computer screen.  To change the settings and apply the changes you made, click “Apply” before you leave this window.

That’s how the Windows help team instructs you to adjust the display settings of your computer.

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