Windows help to change the email notification sound settings

In Windows, there is a provision to notify the user via sound notifications whenever a new email arrives, so that the user can just peep in to view their new message between their works. This is similar to how you receive text messages in your mobile phone. It comes in with a ringtone. You can change and set a ringtone of your choice in your phone. Similarly, the Windows help team assists you to change an email notification in your computer.

Change the New Mail sound using Windows help

When Outlook, Windows Live Mail or Outlook Express announces a new mail audibly, they look for and play the New Mail Notification Windows system sound. Windows help team also reveals that you can change the way your new mail is announced by customizing this system sound. Isn’t that cool?

Windows help instructions

The Windows help center confirms that customizing sound notifications for your email is a very easy task once you follow the simple steps in their documents. The major steps for this enlisted in the document are:

  • On your desktop, from the Start menu, select the Control Panel.
  • The Windows help guidelines insist to be in the Classic View.
  • Double click Sounds and Audio devices.
  • Go to the Sounds tab.
  • Highlight New Mail Notification in the Program Events list.
  • Select a sound from the Sounds list, or use the Browse button to find a sound which is not in the list.
  • Finally, the Windows help instructions say to click OK.

Windows help to disable the New Mail sound

If you still can’t hear new mail announcements in Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail or Outlook Express or want no sound at all, you can enable or disable acoustic new mail notification. So, these are the simplest steps you should follow to get over the issue.

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