Windows help? This is how it’s done!

Remember the scene in Kung Fu Panda where Jack Black (oh, he’s Po’s voice!) asks Master Shifu for help?

Okay, it’s not that important but anyways, this is how the scene goes: Po meets master Shifu for something, I don’t remember what. Anyhow, Po in the end asks Shifu for help. That’s when the master says this, “All the help you need is within you!” (or something similar to that!). Po goes into a deep trance to find this ‘help’ and finally, after a minute or so, let’s out a burp.

On a serious note, I’m not even sure if there’s such a scene in either of the Kung Fu Panda movies. Anyhow, the important thing is the message: All you need is within you (yeah, I made up that too!). This is just how my Windows computer is. It contains an incorporated help feature which contains solutions to almost any problem that you may counter while using the OS. Let’s have a look at the Windows help section now!

The Windows help

The help section in Windows contains articles explaining all the functions in the OS. There’s a search option which lets you quickly find topics of your choice. And what’s more, if you don’t find a solution for your issue on your computer, you can search for it online. Pretty cool, eh?

Read on to learn how this is done!

Help steps

  1. Online help activation
    Click Start and then press the Help and Support option. This opens up a new window.
    From the Options drop down menu, choose Settings.
    In here, mark the box next to Improve My Search Results by Using Online Help. In case it’s already marked, just leave it be!
    Yeah, that should activate online help on your computer. Your search will get you better results from now on!
  2. Using online help
    Click the Browse Help button (at the top right corner of Windows Help and Support). In case you’re confused, this is the one shaped like a book.
    You’ll now be faced with a table of contents with several topics displayed. In the Search Help box, type in your query and press Enter.
    You’ll find relevant topics listed below. Once you’ve got your help, you may close the window to return to your work.

Yeah, that’s all the help you’ll ever need. Have a nice day!

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