Windows Help: Setting up Live Messenger

The Evolution of Live Messenger

Over the years, Microsoft’s instant messenger has tried hard to meet the ever-changing needs of its users. Today, there is more competition than ever for various applications like Windows Live Messenger, so Microsoft has worked hard to make sure that the latest version has what it takes to stay on top of the pack. In fact, it also provides us with Windows help services to ensure that all your Live problems are taken care of. The latest version allows High Definition video chats, messages that can be send to mobile phones, social network updates, and many more. Therefore, if you are ready to add a new gateway to your online chats, Windows help should make your life easier with the latest Windows Live Messenger.

Windows live messenger is a great way to talk to people online. This application allows you to have a personal picture, send a nudge if people ignore you, or even send a big animation! To download windows help messenger today, follow these Windows help instructions.

Windows Help to Get Started With Window Live Messenger?


1. The first thing that Windows help recommends you do is download the installer from the Windows Live site

2. Double click the file you downloaded to run the installer. Once it loads, you have two options. One is to install all the Windows Live applications and the other is to pick which ones you want to install.

3. On the next screen, uncheck all the boxes except the one next to Windows Live Messenger, and then click Install.

4. After the program has been installed, it should automatically start up for you, but if it doesn’t, you will still be able to find it by going to your Start button and selecting All Programs. Way to go Windows help!

Windows Help Options for Live messenger

If you ever want to change any of these settings, simply click on your name in the top right hand corner of the Messenger screen and select More Options for more Windows help. Windows help allows you to customize your Messenger so that it works exactly the way you want it to.

Now you can be sure that the next time someone asks you, “How do I install Windows Live Messenger?”, you can give them all the Windows help they need.

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