Windows Help in Changing Display Settings

Imagine you are on some snow covered mountain, in some corner of the world. You have your ski gear on and you’re all set to take on these mountains. The view from the top is breathless, as vast expanses of snow covered brilliance invites you to tread on the white adventurous expanse. You kick off from the top. The feeling is just incredible, to see the acres of white land, the occasional pine and in between, other skiers trying to get their act right. Come, a slight jump, you lose your balance and find yourself going head first into the snow. The large vision of the people, the pines and the snow gradually shifts to just snow and pines. Just moments before you hit the snow, it’s all about the white snowy detail you see as you fall on the layers of soft snow. Lying down there you see the much larger view of the specks of snow which makes up these larger than life white expanses.

Why the ski trip? You see the screen resolution is something like that. You remember the view had from the top? That is like a screen with the larger resolution, covering more expanses but less detail in individual objects. Remember the view when you hit the snow? Where you could see nothing but the snowflakes one to one? That would be the smaller resolution, where your field of view is limited to a very small area.

Windows help with resolutions

Screen resolution in XP can be changed according to the way you want. For this, follow the instructions given below from Windows help.

  • Click on “Start”, navigate to “Control Panel” and open it by clicking on it.
  • Once the Control Panel is open, open the “Display” icon. From the display window, choose the “Display Properties” to set the resolution of the screen.
  • Click on “Settings” and slide the bar under the “Screen Resolution”. This sets the resolution.
  • Next choose the “Color Quality” you require. The option for it can be set as “Highest”, “High” or “Medium”.
  • Once the settings are done, click on “Apply” to set this new resolution and color settings.
  • Then click on “OK” to save the settings.

These steps from Windows help will enable you to choose the screen resolution and color of your choice. Ciao!

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