Windows Help guidelines for Installation issues

I have often encountered various issues with my Windows-based computer. Some issues can really get on your nerves. For instance, the other day, I was trying to install the Windows operating system on my new PC when, all of a sudden, an error message popped up saying “Cannot copy files”. Luckily, I had the Windows help instruction manual with me which helped to resolve the issue both easily and effectively. Windows help has got all the information you need to resolve such issues during installation the simple way.

Windows help guidelines for installation issues

You can go through the following Windows help guidelines if you ever face such issues with your computer during the Windows installation procedure.

  • Windows help recommends making sure that your CD or DVD isn’t scratched, smudged or dirty in case you stumble upon such errors. If it is, then you can clean the disc with a soft cloth, insert it back into the drive and then try again. Windows help recommends replacing your installation disc, if it’s damaged or scratched beyond repair.
  • Windows help suggests disabling the drives that you aren’t using. Your computer might be trying to locate files on the wrong drive, if you have multiple CD or DVD drives on your PC. You can also try inserting the disc into a different drive and see if it works properly.
  • Sometimes viruses can cause your computer to behave in such a manner. Windows help suggests running an antivirus program to scan your system and identify the needed repairs. It is also recommended that you disable the antivirus program before starting the installation again.

This should help you with the Windows OS installation on your PC and keep most of such issues at bay.

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