Windows Help Guide in removing screensavers from your Windows XP computer

For those of you working with Windows XP operating system on your computers, you might as well be familiar with the operating system’s screensaver feature. And as such, the team with Windows help explains that it can include both pre-installed and third party screensavers which can effectively protect your computer screens or can even serve for decorative, security and entertainment purposes.

Now in getting on with our article and the task at hand, chances are some of you might instead wish for your Windows XP computer without any o f the same configurations. So if such is the case, worry not, for you can easily proceed with removing the screensaver feature for your computer by simply following a few easy steps as per the Windows help guide. Here is how!

Removing Screensavers from your Windows XP computer with Windows Help

The steps are as given below:

  1. To first begin with, get on Windows “Start” menu and then click on the “Click here to use Search Companion” link located on your windows sidebar.
  2. Following which, click on “All files and folders” and when prompted then type in “.scr” into the “All or part of the file name” field. Subsequently choose “Local Hard Drives (C:\ or D:\)” from the “Look in:” field (if not already selected) and then select “Search”.
  3. Now double click on each of your screensaver’s “.scr” files to determine which files you are willing to delete. Once after having selected the same, simply right click on the file name for the screensaver and then hit on “Delete”.
  4. However, if you wish to delete the same by getting on “My Computer” window, proceed to step 4.
  5. To make use of “My Computer”, get on Windows “Start” menu and then click on “My Computer” followed by typing in the following into the “Address” field:


  1. If in case you receive a hidden files warning as a result of this action, simply click on the “Show the contents of this folder” link. This will open up the “System32” list on your window for you.
  2. View the file details by selecting “View” then “Details”.
  3. Now scroll down the list until you find the files marked as “Screensaver” under the “Type” column. Select a screensaver of your choice to delete and then right click on its file name and click “Delete” to remove.
  4. Next up, enter the following into the “Address” field:


  1. The team then suggests you repeat Step 7 in removing the same file names from this area. If you have “ServicePackFiles“, enter as “C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386” and repeat.
  2. Finally, empty your “Recycle Bin” and restart your computer to save your changes.

This successfully completes our steps. Ciao!

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