Windows help for problems with Active X

As you may already be aware, ActiveX Controls aims at increasing your productivity by collecting applets from a variety of programs by plugging them in. And using the same for other available applications.

However, Windows help explains that Active X is also a breeding ground for security threats like malware and other compromising programs. And as such, Windows help suggests you follow a few precautionary steps and measures in order to get the best out of its use. Windows help shows you how.

Precautionary measures from Windows help to be taken to use ActiveX Controls

Here are some of the basic steps that you can take in using ActiveX Controls on your computer, as per Windows help, without affecting your computer’s performance.

  • First off, Windows help suggests you install a reliable firewall for your computer. And then allow it to only approve and unblock ActiveX programs in accessing your computer.
  • Secondly, you can try configuring your web browser to alert you when unauthorized ActiveX programs seek to access your computer
  • Also try checking your email application for unwanted programs from automatic downloads (unless you personally approve it)
  • You can also try using a registry cleanup scanner for performing routine checks of your computer’s registry (including all ActiveX files that can possibly contain malware and other threats to your computer)
  • Last but not the least, Windows help suggests you set your Antivirus software to periodically scan your
    PC for errors and malwares. Allowing it to actively quarantine and delete affected ActiveX files if any

If you follow these steps from Windows help, you can be sure that your ActiveX Controls will perform accordingly in providing the necessary support that the programs and applications installed on your computer needs.

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