Windows Help for Downloading Java for Vista

You bought a new computer and wanna play Assassins creed. When you try installing the DVD, you get a message “Unsupported software-install Java”.  After travelling 10 miles to get the game, now you can’t even get it to install. Windows help! By the way, what is Java?

For those of you who don’t know what it is, Java is a software that will allow you to play video games, chat online, and view 3-D images, you get the picture. Many applications can only run if Java is installed on the computer. Java is an application that is not only fast, but also secure and stabilizes the performance of your computer. Now, let’s take a look at the Windows help options to download and install Java.

Windows help tips to download and activate Java

The windows help team suggests that you first download Java from the Java website. Once you have downloaded Java, click on “Do I have Java?” and “Verify installation” to confirm that you don’t have Java already installed on your computer.  After that, select “All Java downloads”. You also have to make sure that the Java software that you are downloading is meant for Vista, and not for some other operating system.  “Reset” your computer whenever it prompts you to do so.  Windows help suggests that you reboot your system so that the Java installation can take effect. Also note that rebooting may be necessary for the Java installation to take effect.

A Windows help tip: Usually for offline version you need 6 MB more than the online version on the hard drive.

For activating Java, Windows help suggests that you begin by clicking on “Tools” and select the “Internet Options”.  Also, don’t forget to click on the “Advanced tab” under the settings list.  Check for the” Java settings” as well. According to Windows help, if Java is successfully installed on your computer, it should show up. If it isn’t, then it’s better to download and install Java again. If you find “Java settings”, enable the application by de-selecting the option “Disable Java”.

Yippieeee,  its working …

Finally it worked. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing Ezio in action in Assassins creed, all thanks to Windows help. Keep in mind, whenever you face download and installation issues, don’t panic. You can always depend on Windows help to provide you with instant solutions.

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