Windows help assists you in repairing broken Vista MBR

The Windows help team says that it is very important to know how to fix a broken Vista MBR as this is an issue that you are bound to encounter if you have installed GRUB. The Windows help team further explains that if you have made any accidental modifications in the current boot loader, your Windows Vista operating system, for all you know can become unbootable.

Now you would be thinking, how do you repair a broken MBR? If this is your case, then my friend, you are at the right place to learn more on the issue.

The Windows help team says that the repair process is a very simple one and all that you require is your Windows Vista installation DVD.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into the procedure by the Windows help team.

The Windows help team’s instruction

  1. To start off with the procedure by the Windows help team, you will have to start your computer from the Windows Vista installation DVD.
  2. To continue with the procedure by the Windows help team, press any key when prompted.
  3. Now in the new screen, you will have to choose your language and set the time. Hit the “Next” button in the screen and click on the “Repair your computer” option.
  4. Select the operating system you want to repair from the System Recovery Options window and hit the “Next” button.
  5. Now select the “Command Prompt” option from the “Choose a Recovery Tool” window.
  6. In the Command Prompt screen, enter the follow command without the quotes and hit the Enter button on the keyboard;

bootrec.exe /fixmbr
bootrec.exe /fixboot

Now all you have to do to complete the procedure by the Windows help team is remove the Vista Installation DVD and reboot your PC.

That should be all the help you will need.

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