Windows help and support to update the Internet Explorer browser in Windows XP operating system

Microsoft Internet Explorer is a browser application provided by Microsoft to help users browse the internet. This is also the default browser for most Windows operating systems. But I guess you already know that. To ensure the efficient working of the browser, you must update the same on a regular basis. Microsoft releases lots of updates every month to help users resolve the errors with Internet Explorer.  These updates provide a good working condition by improving the communication between the external and internal aspects of your computer.

The Windows help and support instructions to update the Internet Explorer

To begin with, turn on your computer and navigate to the “Start” menu. This menu is located in the bottom left corner of the task bar. Now click on the “Start” menu to open a list of options.

Select the option labeled “All Programs” from this list. To advance to the next step, select the “Windows Update” option on the top side.

Locate the option labeled “Check for Updates” in the new window and click on it. The Windows Update page is displayed on your screen.

Search for the option labeled “Express” on the Windows update page and click on the same. This will initiate a scanning process. The computer tries to find all the outdated updates and initiates a search on the web to find new ones.

When the scanning process is complete, the computer will display a list which contains all the new updates on the internet.

To update the Microsoft Internet Explorer program, the Windows help and support team insists you click on the option labeled “Microsoft Internet Explorer” on the updates list.

Locate the “Install Updates” button on the same page and click on it. The Windows help and support team recommends you select the “Run” or “Begin” option, depending up on your browser version.

A list of instructions will be displayed on the Screen. Follow them carefully to successfully install the updates on your computer. As soon as the installation process gets completed, you will be asked to make a restart.

To restart your computer, go the “Start” menu and press on the “Turn off” button. Now select the “Restart” button from the new Window.

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