What To Do To Change File Icons In Windows Vista

You can change file icons in Windows Vista according to preference. This gives your desktop and files a personalized look. You should do this only if you want a personalized desktop or file icons. When you personalize your Vista screen or desktop with icons, it makes important files easily identifiable. This is helpful for you in locating files easily.

Each of the desktop icons, file folder icons and the shortcut icons, can be personalized. There are steps for doing this. These are negotiated through the Properties menu. Different processes have to be adopted for the different icon groups. The selection of the icons can be made from the numerous icons in Windows Vista, or from those downloaded over the net. After you’ve decided on the icon you want, follow these Windows help instructions to set them.

Personalizing Your Desktop Icons

  • Boot your Windows Vista PC and go to your desktop. Right click on your desktop to get the Personalize option. Click on it.
  • You get the Task menu in the left hand pane. From there, click Change Desktop icons.  Now you get the Desktop Icon Settings menu.
  • On the desktop, you have five default icons. They are namely, My computer, Network, User, Recycle Bin-Empty, and Recycle Bin-Full. Click on any you want to change. hit the Change icon. From the window that pops up, select a different icon. You can alternatively go for a personalized icon that you got online. In that case browse to the location you’ve saved it to, select it, and click OK. If you want to revert to the old icon, click on the icon, and select the Restore Default button.

You can add or remove desktop icons this way too. Just click on the checkmark that appears next to the icon name. You can select an icon to be shown on your desktop, and deselect it to remove it.

File Folder Icons

  • Find out the file folder you want to change. Right click on the file folder and select Properties to enter the Properties menu.
  • Go to the Customize tab, which is on the far right of the pane. Click the Change Icon button, towards the bottom of the window.
  • Now select a new icon from the file icon options. Click on the Browse button to get to the personal folder files, and selecting the icon you want to use. Click on the icon of your choice and select OK to confirm it. Click Restore Defaults to restore the default icon.

Windows help tech can be contacted if you face problems while changing the icon settings in your PC.

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