Tips to expand the virtual memory

In certain scenarios the physical memory available on your hard drive will be used completely and you will be in need of an alternative. Virtual memory was developed by Microsoft with the intention of resolving the memory issues when it arises. Facilitating the virtual memory will require a considerablespace on your computer. Technically this option is known as increasing the amount of paging files. Increment in paging file will enhance the overall performance and the graphical acceleration of your Windows enabled machine. Go through these set of instructions drawn out by Windows help center to make modifications on your virtual memory to enhance the graphical experience.

Follow these guidelines…

  • Turn your machine on and hang around until Windows crops in to your system. Once the Windows finishes loading up all the files go to the “Start” tab placed on the right hand corner of the taskbar seen down below the Windows desktop interface. Choose the “Computer” tab from the startup menu and right click on it to reveal the “Properties” menu.
  • Inside the properties window hit on the “Advanced system settings” that can be found on the left side of this particular window. Give the administrator password to authenticate the process in the password menu when prompted by the Windows.
  • Now go for the “Advanced” button and follow it by clicking on the “Settings” tab which lies inside the “Performance”.
  • Hitting the “Advanced” tab which lies beneath the “Change” menu will uncover the “Virtual Memory” menu.
  • You will find a tick box adjacent to the “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” tab which should be unchecked. Doing so will allow you to set new parameters for virtual memory. Now choose the “Custom size”tab and enter the values in the “Initial size (MB)” and “Maximum Size (MB)” tabs to set the size allocation for virtual memory.

Tips & Warnings

  • Windows 7 will allow the users to set a size of 16 MB to 1519 MB for the virtual memory allocation.
  • Modifying the size of paging files won’t guarantee enhancement in the graphical acceleration of your computer. if your need is to improve your current graphics capacity the its better to add an expansion slot to attach a graphics driver for better results.

Puzzled about this? Call up for support from Windows help centers.

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