Support on stopping tracking cookies in Vista

Different websites trace your online activities by tracking cookies so that advertisements can be created for you, specifically which are then sent to you. The most annoying ones come when certain websites track your cookies, getting information from your system which is then used by vendors behind these websites to keep contacting you. The only way to avoid this situation is to block these cookies from tracking you. You can block tracking cookies easily in Windows Vista to browse the web without worrying about being monitored by any site or vendors. The Windows online support instructions to carry out this task are listed below. Carefully follow these steps in order to have a secure browsing.

Instructions to stop tracking of cookies in Windows Vista

  • To pull up the Start Menu, click on the “Start” button from the bottom left corner of your computer screen.
  • Go to “Control Panel”.
  • Select “Network and Internet” and then click “Internet Options.” This is the back door to the Internet Explorer “Internet Options” screen.
  • Go to the “Privacy” tab.
  • To block all cookies, and to block “all cookies from websites that do not have a compact privacy policy” and cookies that “save information that can be used to contact you without your explicit consent,” move the dial on the sliding scale to “High“.
  • To confirm the settings that you just made, click on “Apply” and then “OK“.
  • To block all cookies except session cookies, move on to next step.
  • Below the sliding scale, click on “Advanced” to go to a screen that will allow you to block first-party and third-party cookies that could be tracking cookies.
  • Check the box labeled “Override automatic cookie handling.” This is to abort the settings you implemented in Step 5, but the next step will allow you to block tracking cookies more exclusively.
  • Check all the “Block” boxes beneath “First-party Cookies” and “Third-party Cookies” and check the box beside “Always allow session cookies.”
  • Select “OK” and you can exit the “Internet Options” screen, says the Windows online support team. Now, all your tracking cookies will be blocked.

So, that’s how simple it is to block tracking of cookies in Vista. That’s all, bye!

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