Steps To Stop Freezing Of Your Windows XP PC

Over the years, Microsoft has introduced a wide range of operating systems. All the operating systems were loaded with numerous applications. Windows XP is also one such great OS from the house of Microsoft. There are times when you might experience problems with the freezing of your PC. With the Windows help instructions mentioned below, you can resolve such issues at the earliest.

Steps to stop Windows freezing

  • The basic thing you have to do is to identify whether the problem is caused by a malfunctioning piece of hardware or because of a software issue.
  • Select Start and proceed by clicking on Run.
  • Now type eventvwr inside the Run dialog box and click on Enter.
  • Once this is done, you will be able to see Windows Event Viewer opening up.
  • Proceed by clicking on Application. Now you can see a lengthy list of events popping up.
  • Now you have to proceed by scrolling through this list in search of a red stop sign.
  • Once you have located such an item, right click on it and click on Properties. This will enable you to get a general idea regarding programs that are facing the trouble. Prepare a list of such programs.
  • It is highly recommended to perform an update for these programs. This can be done by checking online with the software manufacturer and you will know whether a new patch or version is available or not.
  • You have to reboot computer in safe mode once the software update is over. This can be done by tapping several times on the F8 key until a menu appears.
  • Click on Safe Mode.
  • Now leave your PC in the Safe Mode for a longer time. If you find that your PC is freezing in safe mode, you will know it is due to a hardware issue. For rectifying such a problem, you are required to contact a qualified technician.
  • If this is also not solving the problem then you can be sure that it is a software issue.
  • Another option is to uninstall your antivirus software.
  • In addition to that, you are required to run the Windows update. If the problem persists, you need to format your hard drive and reinstall Windows.

With the Windows help instructions mentioned above, you can stop your computer from freezing with ease. You can also contact Windows Online Support for further assistance.

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