Starting Remote Assistance in Windows Messenger

In this age of computing and the internet, problems do run rife in spite of all the innumerable uses that it may provide. Moreover, some of these problems cannot be directly solvable by the user, or cannot be rightly conveyed to the user through an. Therefore, it is only apt that you give the control of your PC over to a sound technical assistant. The technical assistant in question is a person well versed in all issues that might affect a computer. He or she is thus more than capable in handling the issue at hand and thus manually rectifying the issue through remote assistance. Now this remote assistance is a feature of Windows that lets one Windows computer connect to another Windows run computer. This is done by strictly adhering to the Remote Desktop Protocol and by using an invitation file. Windows Messenger is one such program that might commonly encounter errors, which are at a first glance not resolvable. However, since it is a program that falls under the purview of the Windows XP operating system, it can be easily resolved with the right sort of remote assistance. Windows XP possesses this functionality by allowing you to send an invitation to any other user of the program. Users can easily invite the technical assistant to view their desktop with just a few rightly made mouse clicks. Here are some instructions from the Windows help team, which throw further light on the process.


Inviting Another User

  • Open “Windows Messenger” from the “All Programs” section of the Windows XP Start menu.
  • Click “Tools,” then click “Ask for Remote Assistance.”
  • Select the email of the user on your friend list to whom you would like to send a remote assistance request.
  • Click “OK” when the request has been accepted by the other user.
  • Wait in Windows Messenger for an invitation request to appear. It will be displayed in the main conversation window with the link text “Accept.”
  • Allow the connection to proceed uninterrupted by not closing any active Messenger windows.
  • Inform the other connected party of any advice or information you’d like to relay by typing it in the “Chat” window on the lower-left of the screen.

Connecting to Another User

These steps from Windows help will successfully help you in enlisting the advantages of remote assistance.

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