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Messy computer?

If your computer is anything like mine, it is a treasure trove of valuable information and documentation that goes way back. But, what it actually means is that, my computer is a mess. I have documents and folders all over the place. The condition is so bad that I don’t even know what I have in my computer and where it is, I have to dig in real deep to get what I want. Bad huh? Well, if you’re in the same situation as me, my guess is that you always start out with the intention of cleaning out your computer and it never happens. But, you manage things, somehow.

Windows help to the rescue

Until, your boss tells you that he needs last month’s report immediately. Lucky for you, you have it all. You open your computer, only to realize you have no idea where the file is. You dig into all the folders, but to no avail; but you know that it’s in there somewhere. Help! You need Windows help! Lucky for you the Windows help you’re looking for is in the computer in front of you. It is with such people in mind that Microsoft has included a search feature in your operating system to Windows help you. This great Windows help option scans all your files and folders and the content of your documents. All you have to do is enter in a keyword and this search feature will find the document that matches your keyword. Great huh!

Windows help from Search

Windows 7 offers another option with its search feature- you can change the default search settings, allowing you to get customized results; way to go Windows help! How can you do it? It’s all very simple, you don’t need Windows help for this. Just go to ‘Documents’, click on the drop- down arrow next to ‘Organize’ on the screen that appears. Choose ‘Folders and search options’, the ‘General’ tab will be displayed, select ‘Search’ there. There are many options that you can choose from like ‘What to search’, ‘How to search’ and ‘When searching non-indexed locations’. Adjust the options that you think will best help to Windows help yourself by bettering your search. In case, you find that you have messed up the search feature and want to set it back, don’t scream for Windows help; just go to the ‘Restore defaults’ button. This will reset all the options to the default settings.

See, how simple it is. Why do you need Windows help, when you can do it yourself?

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