Screensavers for Vista

Experts advise not to leave the computer monitor idle for a long time, when not working. This will damage the pixels of your monitor. To prevent the damage of the screen, screen savers are set. They will be moving along the screen and prevent the pixels from damage. All operating systems come with default selection of screensavers. If the users are not happy with the system screensavers, the images can be downloaded free from various websites.

In Vista operating system, the user can create their own screensavers if the default or downloaded images are not good enough. This article will help in making screensavers for the operating system. The steps are given below.

Instructions by Windows Vista help

These steps by Vista help will guide the users in creating a screen saver for the Vista operating system. Follow the steps closely for completing the task. The steps are as follows:

  • Click once on the Windows Start button
  • Select the Control Panel option and launch the Control Panel window.
  • Click once on the Appearance and Personalization link on the right side of the Control Panel pop-up window.
  • Click once on the Change screen saver link under the Personalization section.
  • This action will launch the Screen Saver Settings pop-up window.
  • Use the Screen Saver drop-down menu to select the Photos option.
  • Click once on the Settingsbutton.
  • Use the Photo Screen Saver Settings window to choose pictures and edit other features of the screensaver.
  • Click once on the browse button to select a folder from which the pictures will be used automatically on the screensaver.
  • The Theme drop-down menu has a listing of options that dictate the way the pictures will appear on the screen.
  • The Speed drop-down menu lists three speeds at which the pictures will change on the screensaver.
  • Click once on the Save button after you have made the selections.
  • Click once on the Apply button
  • Click on the OK button on the Screen Saver Settings window to begin using the screensaver.

These steps by Windows Vista help will assist the users in changing or setting a screen saver in Vista operating system. If you have any clarifications, contact the Vista help team members.

Hope the article is helpful to you.

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