Restore your missing NLS files with aid from the Windows help team

The National Language Support NLS files are used by the Windows operating system to translate and converting character sets. NLS files contain the commands and files for system internationalization. The Windows help team experts say that the NLS files are located in the Windows\System32 directory of your system. If these files are deleted or damaged, the user will not be able to boot into the system. The Windows help team will assist you to retrieve your missing NLS files.

Recommendations by the Windows help team

If you get an error message like “intl.nsl file is missing or corrupt” or “C:\windows\Syste32\c_862.NLS”, confirm that one of your NLS file is missing. The Windows help team says that this will shut down your system and the loop will continue.  The Windows help team points out that the issue creeps up when your antivirus software has expired.

The Windows help team has the solution for retrieving the missing files. You can perform a System restore run for bringing back you system to factory settings. The Windows help team also suggest running an antivirus program for cleaning the system. If the problem persists, you can go for an alternative; using your operating system installation CD.

  • Insert the installation CD into the driver and restart the system from the CD.
  • The Windows help team suggests you to follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Press R to start recovery step.
  • Type your Admin password and login.
  • In the command prompt give the commands one after the other by hitting Enter key:
    •  cd system32
    • ren c_1252.nls c_1252.old
    • expand drive:\i386\c_1252.nl_ c:\windows\system32
  • After the above command execution steps, the Windows help team suggests you to exit the command prompt by giving the Exit command.

These recovery steps will definitely restore your NLS files. Depending on the damage, you may have to repeat the process.

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