Resolving Issues with Spore Game in Windows 7

With a fairly advanced GUI, Windows 7 is surely the best platform for gaming. Apart from encountering gaming issues owing to varying bitrates of the OS, hitherto fairly less number of issues have been reported with gaming in Windows 7. However, games that have been developed prior to the launch of Windows 7 are said to have issues.

In this post, we’ll discuss about one such game- ‘Spore’, that seems to have issues with Windows 7. As you would know well, Spore is a video game that allows you to create and control the development of a species over time. The game-play in Spore is mostly real-time strategy combined with a number of role-playing elements.


  1. Begin by running the game in an elevated mode. For this, right click on the “Spore” icon on your Windows 7 desktop and choose “Run as an Administrator“. Click on “Yes” in the “User Account Control” box subsequently. This method would suffice to fix most of the incompatibility issues.
  2. You may now proceed to disable the UAC before launching Spore. Navigate to the “Control Panel” window, and click on the option that reads “User Accounts and Family Safety“, followed by “User Accounts”. Click on the required option to turn UAC off.
  3. As the Windows 7 support crew says, download and install Direct X9 on your PC. Windows 7 comes integrated with Direct X10. However, a corrupted DirectX DLL file could trigger the issue at hand; hence a re-installation is warranted.
  4. Similarly, you may download and install the latest drivers for your PC’s video card. Please note that Spore won’t run on a system with outdated or corrupted video drivers. Before installing the new drivers, uninstall the current ones via the options in the following path: “Control Panel” > “Programs and Features”.
  5. Once the drivers have been updated, proceed to reinstall your Spore game. Sometimes, a corrupted installation could be more than a reason for the problem at hand. For removing the program, the Windows Control Panel’s “Programs and Features” or “Add or Remove Programs” tool would prove helpful. And also ensure that the game is being installed from the original setup disc.

The above account would surely prove helpful in resolving any issues with Spore on your Windows 7 PC.

For any further assistance, do get in touch with Windows 7 support.

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