Recovering data in case Windows fails to boot

Booting is a term that refers to the loading process of an operating system in a PC. The time taken for the booting process depends upon the hardware configuration of your PC as well as the working condition of your OS and system registry. If all are in perfect condition, Windows would load in a blink of an eye or if all these are in shambles, it may take an eternity to load. But what if it doesn’t load or ‘boot’ at all? That is, Windows don’t function properly and you can’t operate your computer or access any files in it. What can you do in such a scenario? Let’s see the options available, in case you use Windows Vista OS.

Windows Help options for troubleshooting Boot problems

  • The first thing you can try to do is to repair Windows. The Windows Vista DVD has a repair utility that can detect and repair the errors. First, insert the Vista DVD and then click on the option “Repair your Computer” and then keep following the instructions that appears on the screen.
  • The above mentioned option is the simplest and effective one for most of the Vista problems. In case this doesn’t work, another method that you can try is to create a Windows boot drive and try creating a copy of the OS. Then try to boot from this CD instead of booting from your hard drive and then see whether Windows start working. If this works, you can then make use of antivirus software, a registry cleaner or data recovery software to try and recover the data in your hard drive and create a back up.
  • This would also enable you to find and fix the errors that caused Vista to crash or hang up.
  • In case you want to recover the data from your hard drive , the best idea would be to remove your drive and connect it to another computer and then copy all the data in your computer to that system and create a back up copy.
  • The installation of your drive to another system can be done directly. You can convert your internal memory drive to a portable one connecting it to a USB connector. This would enable you to use it just like a USB flash drive.

These are some of the Windows help options that you can use to troubleshoot the booting issues in Windows Vista.

“General” tab after the new window opens up. Choose the icons that you would like to restore to your desktop by ticking on the checkbox corresponding to the icon. Once you have finished, click “Ok”.

Hope that this article will help you with the process.

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