Procedure To Change The Briefcase Of A Folder On Windows

Microsoft has been providing excellent features and functionalities over the years in their Windows OS series. In this particular Windows help article, we will be discussing something about the Briefcase function for Microsoft Windows folders.

The Briefcase function on Microsoft Windows folders is actually a functionality, which allows users to synchronize files between folders on different computers. It is possible for you to synchronize the files that you add to the Windows folder Briefcase over a network connection, or even with removable media such as an external hard drive, flash drive or memory stick. So, each time you are making a change of contents of the Briefcase or editing files stored in the Briefcase, Windows updates the same files on the other computer. It is possible for you to change the Briefcase on a Windows folder. You can do this just by adding or deleting files stored in the Briefcase.

Windows help Instructions

  • Initially, you need to click on the Start button on the computer’s desktop taskbar. You will find this in the lower-left corner of your desktop screen.
  • After that, you need to select Computer from the right-hand column in the Start menu. Next, you can go to the folder with the Briefcase that you want to change. Actually, this might be the Documents folder or the Video or Music folders, in case you synchronize multimedia files between computers.
  • Then, you can drag files and subfolders inside the Windows folder to the brown Briefcase icon, for adding these to the Briefcase for synchronization.
  • Then, you can double-click on the brown Briefcase icon to open the Briefcase. After that, remove items from the Briefcase and then stop further synchronization, then click on the file to highlight it, and then press on the Delete key. This would not actually delete the file from your system. This is because the original file stays in the Windows folder, but it will remove the file from the Briefcase.
  • After that, you need to click on the Update All Items button in the Briefcase main menu to synchronize the contents of the Briefcase with the other computer. This will in turn update the files on both computers over the network, or transfer the updated files to your connected removable media.

We hope that this article provides the necessary information regarding how to change the Briefcase of a Folder on Windows.

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