Improve Windows 7 Performance in Netbook

Many users prefer netbooks instead of the laptops. This is due to the compact size and weightlessness of this device. Netbooks are mainly used by the people who travel a lot. Netbooks are also used by the officials of business concerns due to the same reason. Netbooks can be used by private users too, provided your internet related applications are limited.

Netbooks will not support applications or programs that consume much of your RAM. But Netbooks are quite sufficient when your needs are confined to normal web browsing. Windows 7 can be successfully installed in all Netbooks.

Here are the tips to enhance the performance of the Windows 7 operating system installed in your Netbook. Related articles are found in the Windows 7 Support topics too.


Read through the instructions and find out which one is applicable to your Netbook.

  • The performance of any computer is determined or monitored by the Performance troubleshooter. Use this application to monitor the performance of your Netbook. Go to the Start button and then select the Control Panel option to find the Troubleshooter application. Click on this option followed by Find and Fix Problems. Then click on the System and Security tab. Now you may select the Check for Performance Issues option. The application checks your operating system for its performance and speed.
  • The unwanted software and other applications stored in your hard drive will make your Netbook very slow to respond. All the unwanted and unused programs stored in your hard drive will consume much of your memory and will trouble your RAM. Netbooks can support only a limited disk space. Most of the Netbooks are incorporated with a 320 GB hard-disk. The unused programs can deplete the disk space too. To remove the unused programs, Go to the Start button and select the Control Panel option. Click on the Add/ Remove programs icon and select your desired programs to remove. Now click on the Uninstall option to permanently remove the program.
  • Do not store any files or folder in your C drive. Move the files to any other location. The C drive is meant to store all your program files.
  • Disable the audio and video effects.
  • Install powerful antivirus software in your Netbook for maximum protection from the attack of malicious software.

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