How to Resolve Internet Connection Issues in Windows Vista

Windows Vista continues to be a fairly sought after computing platform of the times, regardless of the criticisms it has attracted. And, as you might know well, the OS comes prepackaged with Internet Explorer as the default browser program. Even though in the normal go you may not encounter issues with Vista as far as internet connectivity is concerned, it isn’t unlikely that problems may surface in the long run.

In this post, the Windows tech support crew gives you a comprehensive account on how to resolve such issues.


  • Firewalls, being security programs comprising of internet filters and shields, may at times block ports needed to access the web, or obstruct vital tools needed for proper functioning. However, much of such issues would be as a result of elevated firewall settings.
  • It wouldn’t be long before softwares or add-ons that you installed to enhance web-interactivity may start meddling with your internet connection. The interference of such programs would at times prove harmful by triggering issues such as display errors and freezing.
  • Another reason why you would be faced with the issue at hand is that your PC may be having an erratic modem or faulty internet peripherals. Similarly, as the Windows tech support crew points out, incorrect network settings could be more than a reason for problematic internet connections.

The Diagnosis

As any of the above reasons could be causing you internet connectivity issues, there’s a strong case that you properly diagnose the problem very well. The following steps would help you in this regard:

  1. Begin by launching your Internet Explorer program.
  2. You may now try to access a website by entering a URL in the address bar, whereby a screen will appear, denoting a connection error.
  3. As the Windows tech support crew says, click on the option that reads “Diagnose Connection Problem“, whereby the Network Diagnostics tool shall start running. Wait for a couple of minutes as the diagnosis completes. In case an issue is detected, the tool itself shall suggest measures for resolving the issue.
  4. Try performing the steps suggested by diagnostics tool to fix your internet connection issues.

The above account would surely prove helpful in resolving the internet connection issues encountered on your Windows Vista computer. For any further assistance, do get in touch with Windows tech support.

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