How to Hide Windows 7 Desktop Icons From Other User Accounts

Windows 7 Desktop shortcuts provide its users a convenient access to the programs that they depend upon the most. These shortcuts can be removed from the other user account easily as well if you have the administrative privileges. Windows 7 users are provided with an option to hide desktop icons, but this change will be affected to your current account only. Users with other accounts can still get access to these desktop icons from their individual accounts. In this article, we have listed out two methods to make your desktop icons visible only in your administrative account. Read on!

Steps to transfer icons to administrative Account

  • Start your Windows 7 computer and sign in to your Administrative Account.
  • First Click the Start Button and open Windows Explorer by selecting the option named Computer.
  • Now Click on Tools from the top menu bar and select Folder options from the drop down list. This will open up a new window where you can tweak folder settings. From the list, check the options titled Show hidden files, folder, and drives which is on the View tab and finally click ok to save the changes made and view system folders.
  • Now navigate to the location C:\Users\Desktop by using Windows Explorer.
  • Click X the icon while holding down the Ctrl button. This action will dim down the desktop icons.
  • Now navigate to the location C:\users\ADMINISTRATOR\ Desktop and replace the ADMINISTRATOR option with your administrator username.
  • Press V button while holding down the CTRL key to transfer the previously selected shortcuts into your Administrator account. This will prevent other users from accessing your icons and it will be set hidden to all others except you.

Steps to hide desktop shortcuts

  • To do this, you need to right click on any empty area of your windows 7 desktop screen.
  • Now select the View option from the popup menu.
  • Now unmark the option titled Show desktop icons. Navigate to Windows help page if you were unable to find this option on your Windows 7 computer.


The above illustrated method is the easiest way to hide your desktop icons from other accounts. Contact Windows Help team for further assistance if you were unable to hide your desktop icons. Thank you for visiting and have a good day!

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