Help to restart Bluetooth stack in Windows 7

Bluetooth, which is a wireless technology, is used to replace serial cable connections primarily by connecting two associated devices automatically when they are within close proximity of each other. You might be familiar with using Bluetooth service in your mobile phones, similarly you can use it with a mobile device and PC or two PCs. Bluetooth devices can connect to the Windows 7 computer wirelessly when Windows has Bluetooth enabled on the computer. For this to work, fist of all, the software has to be installed on the computer. The Bluetooth devices can sometimes conflict with other PC devices or software.

The operating system can automatically install required drivers with the help of The Windows Bluetooth stack for managing attached Bluetooth devices. Other product manufacturers In addition to the Windows Bluetooth stack offer Bluetooth stacks for managing specific hardware. Using drivers usually supplied by the Bluetooth device manufacturer, Microsoft Windows 7 operating system support for Bluetooth devices. Restarting the Bluetooth stack can resolve issues of Bluetooth device’s failure to associate with a Windows 7 computer, even after configuring the Bluetooth device with the Windows 7 computer. The Windows 7 support team advices users to try this method in such cases.

The following instructions shall help you to restart Bluetooth stack in Windows 7 and thereby connect the Bluetooth device smoothly with your Windows 7 computer and start transferring files easily. This would eliminate the need to use cables for transferring files between your computer and other device. The process is quicker and convenient and can be carried out with any device supporting Bluetooth technology and the user doesn’t have to worry about appropriate cables for connecting the device.

Here are the instructions. Carefully follow to restart Bluetooth stack in Windows 7
Windows 7 support to restart Bluetooth stack in Windows 7

  • Click the “Start” button from the bottom left corner of your computer screen, and then click “Control Panel” and double-click “Administrative Tools.”
  • From the list displayed, Double-click the “Services” item. The “Services” window will appear.
  • Click to highlight the “Bluetooth Support Service” and then select “Restart” link located to the left of the services list.

That’s it. You are done with restarting the Bluetooth stack in Windows 7. Thank you!

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