Get Windows help for restoring your backup files in Windows 7

Your Windows 7 includes a feature called Backup and restore. Before moving to your new Windows 7, you might have created a backup of the existing data. The Windows help team says that restoring these backup files is very easy in Windows 7.

Windows help provides steps to restore your backup files

If you have backed up the data on an external USB drive, connect the drive to the USB port of your new Windows 7 system. If the data is stored in a CD or DVD, you can insert it into the CD/DVD drive.

Then click on Start, then Control panel and then select Backup and Restore. A new window will appear with the heading Backup or Restore your Files. Now, click on Restore my Files under the subheading Restore. Windows help warns that you may see a red “X” and a message Backup size: Not Available. It means that your Windows 7 is not able to detect the backup drives.

Windows help suggests that you remove and reconnect the external storage drive to isolate the issue. Once the backup drive is detected by your Windows 7, you will see options like Search, Browse for Files or Browse for Folder. Select the appropriate option and select the files and folders that need to be restored. Then, click Add Folder or Add File to add the required files and folders for restore and click Next.

Windows Help advises that you choose a location for restoring the files. You can choose the option In the Original location or choose any other location like your desktop for easy access. Then click the Restore option.

You can click on Finish when the Restore process from Windows help is complete. Windows help says that it may take time depending on the size of the files and folders.

If there are any obstacles during the Restore process, it is time you consider contacting Windows help to fix your issue.

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