Expert review on the BitLocker To Go and BitLocker

I don’t need to tell you about the amount of data theft going on these days. As a matter of fact, thousands of computers are either decommissioned or stolen each year as a result of inappropriate safe guards. On the other hand, this is not merely pointing to the physical computer issues caused due to loss of data. Additional avenues are always on the list such as e-mail, leaked documentation and USB flash drives. These components may fall in to the wrong hands causing data corruption. Well folks, good news for the Windows 7 users! The various data leakage issues can be addressed with the help of Bitlocker To Go and BitLocker Drive Encryption. This will provide elevated protection against data leakage and theft. The great news is that you can now extend the Bitlocker support to external removable storage devices.

Windows 7 help experts on the new security aspects

Bitlocker, (also known as Bitocker Drive Encryption) will help you prevent data theft from a thief who boots to a different operating system. This is also a handy tool to get protection from different hacking software tools. Certain hackers perform offline viewing of files located in the drives. The new application lets you protect your data from all such havocs. You all remember the Windows Vista Bitlocker, don’t you? Well, this application in Windows 7 shares the same benefits of the Vista version. That being said, the core functionality of the Windows 7 BitLocker has been modified to suite the needs of IT professionals. Repartitioning the drive in Windows Vista using the Bitlocker was tire some as it required two partition disk configuration.  But the Windows 7 help and support experts point out that the OS automatically builds the necessary partitions during the installation phase. As a matter of fact, this simplifies BitLocker deployments to a great extend. The new version in Windows also has the ability to enable the bitlocker protection by simply right clicking on the drive. In the case of protected volumes, the Windows 7 Bitlocker features Data Recovery Agent (DRA) support. The new DRA feature acts as the key protector and the IT administrators can access the protected volumes.

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