Change your Windows XP Administrator Password using Windows Help

When it comes to security, I guess everyone wants the best and the most defensive options for their computers. Setting up a password is one of the most popular ways of ensuring your computer’s protection. It helps you keep your data and information secure from unwanted intrusions.

One of the problems that users face with the password-based security feature is that they inevitably forget or lose their passwords at times. However, it is possible for an administrator of a computer to change, edit or even remove the Windows password, even if the original administrator password is unknown.

Resolve such issues using these help lines

You can refer Windows help for resolving such issues easily. Windows help has got all the information on how to resolve such issues the simple way. For instance, in cases such as the one mentioned above, Windows help suggests deleting the password using the User Accounts menu on the Control Panel of your Windows XP computer. This is really an easy procedure and you can go through the following Windows help guidelines to fix this issue effectively.

  1. You can start off this Windows help procedure by logging onto your Windows computer using the administrator ID and password.
  2. Then open your Control Panel from the Start menu of your computer.
  3. Click on the “User Accounts” option.
  4. Then select the “Users” tab.
  5. Then click on the Administrator account and then select “Reset Password”.
  6. Leave both the password fields empty and then click “OK”.

This should delete your old password and save a blank password for your administrator account. So you see how easy it is to fix such issues using Windows help. If you need any further guidance, you can always check it with Windows help or contact the Windows help & support centre.

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